Cosmetic Bonding

bondingComposite tooth bonding is a cosmetic dentistry technique that can do beautiful things for your smile. Teeth bonding is applied directly to your teeth and cured to its final hardness, usually with a light. Bonding is a composite resin filling placed in the back teeth as well as the front teeth. Composites are the solution for restoring decayed teeth, making cosmetic improvements and even changing the colour of your teeth or the reshaping of teeth.

Bonding will lighten any stains you may have, close up minor gaps and can be used to correct crooked teeth. Basically, bonding will cover any natural flaws applying a thin coating of a plastic material on the front surface of your teeth. After this, we will apply a bonding material and sculpt, colour and shape it to provide a pleasing result. A high-intensity light then hardens the plastic, and the surface is finely polished.

bonding_before bonding_after