Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are a modern method of taking x-rays with many advantages over conventional x-rays:

  • Digital x-rays are faster and more sensitive
  • The image is displayed on the computer screen.
  • You get to see exactly what we are seeing.
  • We can store the images on the computer for future use.
  • Reduced Radiation by as much as 90%

digitalx-raysWhile some patients may be concerned about potential risks from too much exposure to radiation, x-rays allow us to view the underlying structure and condition of your teeth, soft tissue and bone.

We interpret signs of disease or potential problems that are not visible through direct observation. Abscesses (pus-pockets), cysts and tumors can be detected in time. Impacted, unerupted or extra teeth or congenitally missing teeth can be diagnosed. The presence or degree of periodontal (gum) disease and the location and severity of cavities that are not visible to the naked eye can also be determined.

Foregoing x-rays could result in an inaccurate diagnosis or incomplete treatment.

Usually, new adult patients will be given a full series of x-rays that serve as a frame of reference for future changes. The time frame between x-rays, the type of x-rays and number of follow-up x-rays will be determined by the initial assessment of your needs and the condition of your mouth. Growth and development are additional factors taken into account with young children.