Drill-less Microabrasion

drill-less1Microabrasion (“Drill-less Dentistry”) can replace the drill in appropriate procedures and remove the anxiety associated with visiting the dentist! In those cases, the procedures can be performed without needles, anesthesia and less invasively.

We understand that needles and drills produce anxiety. If the idea of having to face the drill is an obstacle for you to have much needed dental work, microabrasion is a viable alternative. It’s a simple way to remove cavities without the drill. Microabrasion is also useful for removing superficial stains and for preparing your teeth for other procedures, such as veneers or crowns.

Microabrasion works by spraying tiny particles (often aluminum oxide) onto the teeth in a stream of highly pressurized air. Cavities, stains, and damaged tooth structure can be easily and safely removed. Another benefit of microabrasion is that it does not require the use of anaesthesia. To learn more about microabrasion, or drill-less dentistry, please contact us today!